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Memphis Real Estate Investing

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Does new FHA rule make it easier to invest in Memphis real estate

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Jan 29, 2010

FHA Waives 90 Day Flipping Rule

Does that mean it will be easier to purchase Memphis investment properties?

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2 min read

Social Media is a hot topic for Memphis real estate investors

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Jan 15, 2010

Is it just me, or does it seem like Social Media and Social Networking are going to be the big buzz words of 2010?  Every day I am bombarded with invitations to come hear the newest expert talk about how you can become the next expert too.  There are a lot of tricks and maybe a few tips discussed about how we all need to be online and embracing the new tools for networking, marketing and PR.

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Memphis being recognized as a great real estate investment city

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Jan 8, 2010

In case you missed it, Smart Money magazine wrote an article at the end of last year talking about what we at Memphis Invest had mentioned about the Memphis real estate investment market back in September.

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Kent Clothier - 2010 Memphis Investment real estate newsletter

By Chris Clothier on Mon, Jan 4, 2010

MemphisInvest.com Monthly Newsletter

Issue: # 13

January 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to assist you with your real estate investing.  Whether you have taken advantage of the services our family owned business provides or are waiting for the right time to invest, your interest in our company and the opportunity to do business together is very important to us.

In this issue I will share with you my thoughts on the year 2009 as well as insight into how fantastic 2010 will be!  MemphisInvest.com is adding some additional events as well as weekly events which maximize your opportunity as an investor to get information about our great city and all the value added benefits of doing business with MemphisInvest.com.

I want to wish all of you a prosperous 2010 and I look forward to continuing our relationship with you as a top provider of turnkey investment real estate properties in Memphis!

Kent Clothier, Sr.

Value of investing in Memphis real estate on the rise!

Reasons to get started investing TODAY continue to mount.

  • If you haven't figured out why you are investing in Memphis real estate then maybe some of these stats will help you out.
  • Memphis is 21% undervalue entering 2010.
  • Analysts believe job market will stabilize with unemployment around 6%-8% for Memphis.
  • The over-all consensus is that Memphis will continue to see opportunity for investors as home prices remain below value.  A second wave of foreclosures will keep the supply side high and pricing for investors well below value in 2010.
  • Mortgage rates are expected to climb to an average of 5.86% by year end which remains HISTORICALLY low even after the climb!
  • With the job market predicted to see growth in the supply, defense, medical, staffing and distribution fields, demand for Memphis rental housing should continue to be strong.

MemphisInvest.com is owned by investors who are constantly keeping our eyes on the local economy and specifically the housing and rental markets.  We feel that 2010 will continue the recent trend of years with outstanding opportunity to take advantage of low entry pricing with high rates of return on investment.


Welcome to our new investors!

MemphisInvest.com welcomes 11 new investors in December.

We get a lot of pleasure and real satisfaction out of being able to assist real estate investors from around the country and the world.  They look to us because of our deep involvement in the local real estate community, our commitment to customer service and our knowledge of the local trends.  One of the ways that we measure our success is by our growth in new investors each month and December was no exception.  We want to thank our 11 first time investors who chose to purchase investment properties in Memphis and to use the turn-key program that MemphisInvest.com provides!

Thanks again and we look forward to building strong relationships with each of you!


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this email.  It is always a pleasure getting the opportunity to communicate with you.  If I can assist you with anything please feel free to contact me at info@memphisinvest.com!


Kent Clothier

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Home price stability seen for Memphis!

Memphis will be among the best areas in the nation this year for stable home prices, according to SmartMoney.com.

The article, based on data from Moody's Economy.com, projects that home prices in Memphis will rise .99 percent in 2010.

That would be second only to Tacoma, Wash., (2.44 percent) and ahead of Pittsburgh (.89 percent), Charleston, S.C. (.18 percent) and Seattle (a decline of .5 percent).

Much of the credit for the healthy Memphis forecast goes to the city's major employer, FedEx, the article states.

The transportation industry is among the first sectors to rebound as the economy regains strength, the article states.

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