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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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Memphis Invest Named Among Top Turnkey Companies 2019

Wed, Nov 6, 2019

memphisinvest-topturnkeycompany-customerserviceIn October, Memphis Invest was listed among
Fit Small Business’ Best Turnkey Real Estate Companies in 2019. If you’re unfamiliar with Fit Small Business, it is a digital resource for small business owners located in New York. They have been featured by the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

With that understanding, why were we named among the best turnkey real estate companies in the nation? It’s not that we’re surprised, but we’d like to break it down for you.

Why Memphis Invest Excels in Turnkey Real Estate

Personal Contact and Customer Service

At Memphis Invest, we pride ourselves on personal customer service with initiative. Rather than waiting to serve our residents and owners, we take a proactive mindset. This includes a personal portfolio adviser and point-of-contact for all of your investing needs. Each month, the same adviser will contact you to update and discuss your investments. Our advisers dedicate themselves not just to knowing your properties, but to knowing you: your desires, your ambitions, and your needs. 

During your first month with us, we call weekly. Not only that, but we guide you through the investment process from beginning to end. You will know your rental status and be notified of vacancies and rental milestones — from a new or renewed lease to certain expenses.

We value the relationships we form with our investors (it’s part of being a family business!), some of them spanning a decade.

This personal touch is something we never neglect to infuse into our services. Through this, we not only craft a bond of trust but a deep understanding of your investing goals.

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24/7 Investor Access

Part of what makes Memphis Invest stand apart is our level of access. Not only do our investors have their personal point-of-contact in the form of a portfolio adviser, but they have unlimited online access to our client portal with our property management company, Premier Property Management, LLC. 

It is our desire that you know your portfolio inside-and-out. Transparency and access are key.

Valuable Leverage

In real estate investment leverage usually refers to the ability to borrow capital in order to extend your reach as an investor. However, with Memphis Invest, you leverage far more than money. You leverage something you can never have more of: time. With Memphis Invest, you can invest passively while experienced professionals handle the day-to-day operations. This leverages time and experience in ways that ensure success as an investor.

Market Prioritization

Beyond our dedication to customer service, Memphis Invest is among the top turnkey companies in the nation thanks to our strategy for identifying and investing in prime turnkey markets. While some would consider our markets unassuming (or unexciting) we know that these markets are ideal for passive investment.

Each of our markets comes with their own set of unique opportunities, but they have this in common: affordability and stability. We look to markets not to find the cheapest properties, but markets that have a growing population and workforce. This points to long-term stability in the market.

Beyond that, Memphis Invest doesn’t expand just anywhere. We expand as demand for our services grows and ensure that these markets are within our reach. We want the services in Tulsa and Houston to be as high-quality as they are in Memphis. We have our top-level management visit every market to train our teams. This ensures uniformity and quality in property performance and service across the board.

Premium Service

Some will call Memphis Invest an expensive option for turnkey investing. We don’t take offense to this — in fact, quite the contrary. Where much of the turnkey real estate world (and investors) concern themselves with getting the “best” deal (in other words, the cheapest deal), we know that there are far more important things that factor into the success of a turnkey portfolio.

It’s not about buying the cheapest properties. No — success in turnkey real estate relies on not only good neighborhoods and high-potential markets, but in the services provided. Memphis Invest is proud to be associated with high standards and high quality of service and management. Our reputation is in the value we provide — from our renovation work and customer service to our expert access, we ensure that our investors get the most for their money.

Experience first-hand why we’re one of the top turnkey providers in the nation.

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Chris Clothier
Written by Chris Clothier

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