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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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All Work and No Play? Finding Balance as a Passive Real Estate Investor

Tue, Apr 18, 2017

passiverealestateinvestment-worklifebalance.jpgHere in Memphis, we’ve had amazing weather lately...I'm talking about 70 degrees, clear skies and sunshine. Yep, that kind of awesome.

There is something about spring weather that gets you excited. Whether it's firing up the grill, taking your kids to the park or finally mastering your golf game...(good luck with that.) Warmer weather has always been this great sign of things to come.

We all can have a tendency to work too hard, push a little too much and fail to take time out to enjoy what we've accomplished. 

That gets us thinking...

If you are a passive real estate investor, especially one of our clients, this is the time of year that you get the biggest pay off. Time with family, friends and enjoying what you love the most. Not having to worry about anything related to your properties because you have a team and company that puts you first.

That being said, not all passive real estate investors have the luxury of a company that truly handles everything for you.   

Striking the right balance between work and play—the work-life balance—is a dilemma that most professionals know. Those of us who have a lot of ambition for success don’t feel the dilemma as much, but they tend to bear the consequences.

Listen: if you get too wrapped up in doing everything all the time, as a real estate investor or otherwise, you will ultimately harm your business.

We even see passive real estate investors trying to do too much! How crazy is that?

Really...it’s not too crazy. Some people just get under the impression that the harder they personally work on their investments or business, they more money they’ll make, the faster they will grow, and the better they will do.

But that’s not really the case.

3 Reasons Work-Life Balance Matters for Passive Real Estate Investors

Your Investments Should Run Themselves

The key word in your job title is “passive.” You’re not trying to work so much here! Yes, there are things you should do and must do. There’s nothing wrong with being involved and wanting to be involved. But by design, your investments shouldn’t hinge on your involvement. Things shouldn’t fall apart if you aren’t around. You should be able to step away and breathe and no have to worry about anything, least of all if your investments are generating the cash flow they’re supposed to.

How do they do that? A trusted property management team, of course! If you don’t trust your team, you’re already failing. Invest in the right managers and you’ll be bound for success.

Easing Up Leaves Room for the Big Picture

When you’re constantly trying to do it all, filling up your day, playing catch up, and stressing yourself out, you just don’t have time to deal with anything but the “weeds” of your work. If you allow yourself to step back and breathe, whether it’s in quiet evenings and weekends at home, or on a well-deserved vacation, you allow your mind to breathe, too.

It’s in those times that the best ideas blossom. It’s when we can focus on the big picture, which is what passive real estate investors should be looking at anyway!

It Puts the Reason You’re Doing This at the Forefront

Why are you investing in real estate? The answer varies from person to person. Common answers are financial freedom. Saving for retirement. A desire to travel. To be free from the 9-to-5 grind.

If you go nose-down into your investments, dealing with the day-to-day ins-and-outs, or even working too hard and too fast on what you “should” be working on...aren’t you just missing the point? Sure, you’re not going to invest and immediately have financial freedom, or retirement, or be able to quit your job and travel the world.

But you also shouldn’t become a frazzled, stressed out mess.

That’s not what real estate investment is supposed to be. Sure, there are going to be stressful moments. But it’s not designed to be a stressful full-time job! If it is, something isn’t working right and you need to step back and figure out what that is.

It might just be you.

Maybe you don’t have the tools and support you need not to overwork yourself.  Here’s the good news: we do.

Memphis invest has the experience, the manpower, management, and the properties. All you need to do is turn the key.  Click below to learn more about the passive, turnkey process!

And hey: don’t forget to take a vacation when summer rolls around. Or work on that amazing golf game... 

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Chris Clothier
Written by Chris Clothier

Entrepreneur, writer, speaker, ultra-endurance athlete, husband & father of five beautiful children. Chris puts these natural talents on display every day. As a partner at REI Nation, Chris addresses small and large audiences of real estate investors and business professionals nationwide several times each year. Chris is also an active writer, weekly publishing real estate, leadership, and endurance training articles.