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Our Favorites...A List of "THE BEST" Real Estate Investing Blogs!

Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Real Estate Investing BlogDo you like keeping up with the latest news, tips and tricks in the real estate investing world?  If you are like me, then you have a subscription to a newspaper, several magazine deliveries and email alerts on real estate news from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Memphis Daily News, Dallas Morning News, Memphis Business Journal, Ft. Worth Star Telegram...o.k., wait.  I get it, very few of you out there are as obsessive as me when it comes to news.  I fully admit to being a magazine hoarder.  I cannot go through an airport without picking up the latest copy of a magazine that I don't have a subscription to.  On a long flight I will pick up four!

But today, I'm not really writing about mainstream media.  When it comes to real estate investing, in my opinion, there is nothing worth spending a dime on that is going to give you any real data and information on real estate investing.  Who wants to read paid advertisements?  No, today I am compiling a list and sharing with you my favorite real estate blogs.  This is where the real experts in this industry share their experiences, insights and knowledge.  Whether it is about real estate investing in general or a particular topic and niche in the real estate industry, these are the blogs that I like reading.  The writers have earned my respect for their willingness to share.  Sometimes it is daily, sometimes it is weekly, but either way, I am constantly checking in with these particular real estate blogs and real estate writers to see what they have to say.

Real Estate Investing Blogs


Yes, I do write a weekly article on this blog.  Is that why I included it?  No way!  This is a great blog with some really top notch writers and several of the contributors also have some of my favorite blogs to follow.  The cool thing about the site is that you can search practically any topic or question and find multiple articles from different writers with different points of view.  And then come the comments.  

The comments on this site are sometimes as good as the articles themselves.  With thousands of readers a day, some articles get dozens of comments and responses and the information and sharing that takes place on this blog ends up making it the best real estate investing blog on the internet.


This is Jeff Brown's personal blog and he is one of the guys that I found through BiggerPockets.com.  The mast head of his site explains it all if you ask me..."Real Estate Investing Through Purposeful Planning".   I had been reading his weekly columns on the site and really appreciated his straight forward writing style.  I also really liked the fact that he sprinkled in a little self-deprecating and humility, which really appealed to me.  I listened to what he had to say and I found it easy to connect and resonate.  I followed his link to his personal blog and found a lot more of the same....a lot more.  usually 2-4 articles a week, sometimes written by guest authors on their personal expertise.  Today, most of Bawldguy.com is video blogs on topics with lots of detail and there are even transcripts of some of the videos.  Jeff has earned my respect for sharing his years of real estate experience with anyone who wants to listen.  He also spends time on topics that are relevant and that he can speak to.  You don't find a lot on his blog about topics where he doesn't have experience  The sign of a truly quality real estate blog.


This is a great blog written by Danny Johnson and it is all about his adventures and experience as a real estate investor.  His experience is in buying, fixing and then retailing homes and he has been at it for over 10 years.  But he also writes about the ancillary options and exit strategies that come along from this form of real estate investing.  He writes about wholesaling homes and a lot of tips and tricks blogs as well as "how-to's", which are all awesome entries.  This is another really good blog that I like for the straight-forward and easy to understand information.  A big bonus - Danny uses a lot of video.  Be sure to check it out.


So this blog site is not going to resonate with everyone because it is really geared toward entrepreneurs and business builders.  Not every real estate investor is interested in building a business.  If you are however, this is a great site for tech reviews, app reviews, interviews with other entrepreneurs and tech start-ups.  There is also a lot of commentary on the site about resources for every level of real estate investor.  Whether you are a beginning investor or an experienced investor, Geek Estate is a great place to check in and read some really good articles to help keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in real estate tech.


So I really like the simplicity of this site and the fact that it is written with great advice for new investors and even has some tips for experienced investors on new ideas and techniques.  The site is updated by Sharon Vornholt and she is another writer who I first started following after reading her articles on the BiggerPockets.com blog.  What I liked about visiting her site is that the articles are updated every 3-4 days so it is not overkill and the articles are written in really easy to understand language.  Don't take that to mean simple.  Just not a lot of un-needed words and junk sentences just for show.  Sharon shares her experience and knowledge in a very unassuming way and never tries to come across as anything more than an experienced real estate investor who knows what she is talking about!  If you care to listen to that...check in with this blog.


I really like this site and it is hard to call it a real estate blog.  But I check into the site everyday to read their articles and the sheer vast array of information on this site makes it a must read for me each day.  It is really, really well written and there is absolutely a journalistic twist to this site rather than a personal experience style blog like many of the other sites.  But don't let that fool you.  This website and its articles are packed with great information that is topical and up-to-date based on what is happening in the real estate world today.  Add this one to your "favorites" file on your web browser.


Are you interested in short sales or learning more about this niche of real estate investing?  Are you interested in the Phoenix real estate market?  These two topics are what you are going to find on this site and plenty of information on both.  A lot of Q&A and explanation of terms, contracts, do's and don'ts as well as relevant information on the Phoenix and surrounding markets.  So why put it on the list of my favorite real estate blogs?  Because the information is real.  The videos are not made by a professional speaker and the writing is not done by a professional writer and that is what makes the site appealing.  It is just some straight forward info on a topic that a lot of real estate investors are interested in reading and learning about and it is done by a person practicing their craft.  For me, that makes this blog another winner.


Lastly, I found this real estate blog after reading some articles on BiggerPockets.com.  Surprise, surprise huh.  These writers do a great job of writing and commenting on the BiggerPockets.com blog and if you follow their links to their own personal sites, you can find even better articles.  This one touches on all kinds of topics and not all are necessarily real estate investing related, but that is one of the charms that I like about the site.  Anyone who takes the time to write a blog giving a "shout-out" to the local fire department gets a huge thumbs-up from me.  

The Best Real Estate Advice Comes Form Those Actually Investing

The thing I like about all of these sites and all of the writers that I highlighted is that they are not faking it.  They are not writing about a topic that they know nothing about and they are not trying to hold themselves up as the leaders in the real estate industry.  They are simply sharing their experience!  I love this.  The simple way of learning is to educate yourself through someone else's experiences and then learn on your own.  

Each of these blogs is very motivational and they encourage whomever is reading to get active, get going and start investing.  There is no pretense that they have accomplished something so special that only they could achieve it.  That is why I really like reading their blogs when I can.  I can save the magazines and the newspapers and all the email alerts to read when I can.  But I put aside time to check in on these blogs.  In my opinion, you should too!

What are your favorite blogs or resources to read online?  Feel free to share with all the readers...

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