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Inside REI: Fall/Winter 2019

Wed, Jan 15, 2020

CB page REI Newsletter Announcement

Exciting changes are coming to Memphis Invest! We have been hard at work this year and some BIG changes have been happening at Memphis Invest. We’ve grown to over 110 full time team members in four states. The Clothier family purchased a 40,000 sq. ft. Class A office building in Germantown, TN. to move our corporate headquarters into. We made three C-Suite hires for the first time including our first Director of Human Resources, CIO and CFO. All three are incredibly additions to our company and strengthen the leadership team at Memphis Invest. We are on pace to grow our clients portfolios by nearly 20% in one year to over 6,000 properties under management. If you know our company, you know none of this is happening by accident. It is all planned and the culmination of these changes is coming with the new year…

On January 1, 2020, Memphis Invest is taking the next step in their nearly two decade journey to becoming the most trusted and only truly nationwide Turnkey company. We are officially changing our name to REI Nation reflecting our growth into eight markets and highlighting our plans for our third decade in business.

Memphis Invest was started by the Clothier family to give passive real estate investors a trusted and consistent investment experience. Our focus has always been on high touch customer service and excellent property management. As we have moved into different markets, the brand ‘Memphis Invest’ has always stood for quality and service no matter what city we were operating in. The strength of the Memphis Invest brand has been earned by our team every day and has helped us to acquire and manage over 2,000 properties in cities outside of Memphis for our clients.

As we move into 2020, we have been working on taking the strength of our brand and renaming it REI Nation as a more appropriate reflection of our growth and reach. Today, we operate in Memphis, TN; Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, TX.; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK.; Little Rock, AR., and St, Louis, MO. With team members in every city trained to our specific standards and every property expected to perform to our high expectations, REI Nation will always be a Memphis Invest’ company and those same standards and expectations will continue.

Our team is already reviewing several additional cities across the southern belt from Texas to Florida to North Carolina to plan and transition our future growth. In 2020, REi Nation have plans in place to purchase and renovate 1,060+ properties in our current cities. The same great customer service and excellent property management will be provided.

We are excited for what the future holds for REI Nation, our team and our clients. By the end of 2020, REI Nation will be closing in on $1 billion in asset value under management. As our markets grow, our team grows and the value of our clients portfolios grow, REI Nation will continue to operate with the same core values that have made Memphis Invest the gold standard of the Turnkey real estate investment industry.

Letter from the Founder & CEO

If you’ve ever seen our annual Culture Book, you know that it’s a sneak peek into what makes us who we are as a team, and why people love working for our company serving our investors, vendors, and residents. This publication is a little different. It’s designed entirely for you, the investor, to help you understand what we’ve done, and continue to do day in a day out, to set ourselves apart from everyone else in the real estate business.

The information in this journal reveals the premium we place on giving you an incredible experience as a real estate investor. It highlights the message we give anyone involved in our process, from our newest team members to our most seasoned vendors, that only the best will do. And it shows the great lengths we’ll go to in order to deliver a phenomenal experience to each of our 2000+ investor clients with soon to be 6,000+ properties under our management.

This year marked my 50th year in the workforce and I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 30 of those years. I’ve had several mentors invest in my development, both personally and professionally, and I can summarize their message for success into these two ideas:

  1. Work harder and smarter than everyone else. Most people aren’t willing to put in the extra effort to move past good and become exceptional. If you do that, you will become a category of one.
  2. Surround yourself with smart people who will challenge the status quo and think differently than you. If you do this, and empower the leaders around you, you will attract the best team members, professional partners, and clients who value working with the best.

My family has worked hard for over 16 years to deliver on both of these ideas through your Memphis Invest experience. We are proud of the team we have in place, knowing they “get it” and are all in. We have a great leadership group who is already developing the next generation of leaders, the deep bench we need in order to serve you for years to come.

If you are already one of our clients, first of all, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. As you saw in our year-end letter, we are doing so much to improve our already legendary service, because better is always out there. If you are reading this as someone looking into investing with us, let me just say this. You can buy an investment property in any city, from anyone, but you will find no finer team and no greater experience than what is in store for you through Memphis Invest. Because we work harder than anyone else will for you, and we have the best people beside us, our family is very excited about our future and yours.


Kent Clothier, SR.
Founder & CEO The Memphis Invest Family of Companies


The Memphis Invest Team

We would love to introduce you to the Awesome Team Members who have been with our team for five or more years. We hope you love learning about our unique culture, our core values and our team as much as we love sharing.


Drew Clothier


Favorite office snack: Anything from the office candy jar
On the weekends I’m usually: Having fun with family
2 words that best describe me: Honest & Happy
3 of my favorite things: Family, Friends & Sports
My Memphis Invest super power: Buying houses
Most frequently used emoji: 👍


Terry Clothier


Favorite office snack: Chips and Dip
On the weekends I’m usually: Catching up
2 words that best describe me: Determined & Confident
3 of my favorite things: Reading, Buying Houses & Visiting Grandkids
My Memphis Invest super power: Red Bull
Most frequently used emoji: 


Laurie Brooksbank


Favorite office snack: Chocolate
On the weekends I’m usually: Outside
2 words that best describe me: Frank & Friendly
3 of my favorite things: Family, Travel & Mountains
My Memphis Invest super power: Delivering the news or
getting the mail
Most frequently used emoji: 😁


Carol Henderson


Favorite office snack: Chips
On the weekends I’m usually: Spending time with my family
2 words that best describe me: Happy & Friendly
3 of my favorite things: Avery, Harper & Riley,
My Granddaughters
My Memphis Invest super power: Longevity
Most frequently used emoji: 😁


Cyndy McCrary


Favorite office snack: Jif peanut butter cups
On the weekends I’m usually: At the Lake
2 words that best describe me: Energetic & Go Getter
3 of my favorite things:Family/Friends, Cooking & Being Outdoors
My Memphis Invest super power: Organized-MUST use color on charts/graphs!
Most frequently used emoji: 😂


Jerry Thornton


Favorite office snack: Pistachios
On the weekends I’m usually: Half day visiting rental properties and the rest of the evening with family
2 words that best describe me: Dedicated & Motivating
3 of my favorite things: Family, My PS4, Rental list
My Memphis Invest super power: Hot List Fireman
Most frequently used emoji: 💯


Ryan Flannery


Favorite office snack: Chicken
On the weekends I’m usually: Watching sports and hanging with my family
2 words that best describe me: Sarcastic & Fantastic
3 of my favorite things: Family, Sports & Travel
My Memphis Invest super power: Problem solving or eating chicken
Most frequently used emoji: 🙄


Ryan Woolbright


Favorite office snack: Peanut M&Ms
On the weekends I’m usually: Binging on Netflix or playing with my nephews
2 words that best describe me: Sarcastic & Dependable
3 of my favorite things: My son of course, Saturdays & Merlot
My Memphis Invest super power: Reading Kent’s mind
Most frequently used emoji: 🍷


Mark Anderson


Favorite office snack: Anything chocolate
On the weekends I’m usually: In the yard or at the ball field
2 words that best describe me: #dadlife, #dadjokes
3 of my favorite things: Family, Sports & Salesforce
My Memphis Invest super power: Reports
Most frequently used emoji: 🌮🌮🌮


Emily Lee


Favorite office snack: Chocolate
On the weekends I’m usually: Spending time with my family
2 words that best describe me: Dependable & Positive
3 of my favorite things: The beach, Reading & Keeping my grandkids
My Memphis Invest super power: Making chocolate chip cookies
Most frequently used emoji: 😂


Deidre Sandifer


Favorite office snack: Apples and peanut butter
On the weekends I’m usually: Cheering on the Crimson Tide!!! RTR2
2 words that best describe me: Sarcastic & High Maintenance
3 of my favorite things: New Shoes, Beach Trips & Puppies!
My Memphis Invest super power: Nagging
Most frequently used emoji: 👸


Ashley Claunch


Favorite office snack: Gummies
On the weekends I’m usually: Mom’ing
2 words that best describe me: Laid Back
3 of my favorite things: Vacations, Family & Naps
My Memphis Invest super power: Kent Sr.‘s button pusher
Most frequently used emoji: 🙄


Rick Luebbert


Favorite office snack: Trail mix
On the weekends I’m usually: Fishing
2 words that best describe me: Problem Solver
3 of my favorite things: My Wife, My Dogs & My house
My Memphis Invest super power: Client Whisperer
Most frequently used emoji: 👍


David Meeks


Favorite office snack: Coffee and Advil
On the weekends I’m usually: Spending time with family and friends
2 words that best describe me: Unpredictable & Experienced
3 of my favorite things: Family, Friends & Traveling
My Memphis Invest super power: Sarcasm
Most frequently used emoji: I’m an adult, I don’t use emojis


Allen Nason


Favorite office snack: Red Bull
On the weekends I’m usually: On a patio with friends or at the lake
2 words that best describe me: Fun & Positive
3 of my favorite things: The Beach, Pizza & Free Time
My Memphis Invest super power: Talking on the phone
Most frequently used emoji: 😂


Michelle Carmichael


Favorite office snack: Mixed Nuts
On the weekends I’m usually: Spending time with family and friends
2 words that best describe me: Loyal & Perfectionist
3 of my favorite things: Fall, Music & The Mountains
My Memphis Invest super power: Numbers 🤓
Most frequently used emoji: 🤔


Ashley Tinker


Favorite office snack: Coffee & Doughnuts
On the weekends I’m usually: Spending time outside & enjoying dinner dates with my husband
2 words that best describe me: Chatty Cathy
3 of my favorite things: Traveling, spending time w/ friends & family, and everything fall
My Memphis Invest super power: Encourager
Most frequently used emoji: 😊


Aushia Jones-Bishop


Favorite office snack: There is always random food in our office so I have no idea which is my favorite
On the weekends I’m usually: With my kids & Apollo (my dog)
2 words that best describe me: (I can’t be described in 2 words. There is a good possibility that I am more than 1 person)
3 of my favorite things: Music, Silence, & Horror movies
My Memphis Invest super power: Making people laugh
Most frequently used emoji: 🤔


Nate Gray


Favorite office snack: Chocolate!
On the weekends I’m usually: Spending time with my family and working on some sort of project
2 words that best describe me: Very serious
3 of my favorite things: My family, the Beach & Ole Miss
My Memphis Invest super power: Customer service and my memory
Most frequently used emoji: 💥


Joshua Weatherman


Favorite office snack: Cookie Butter and Pretzels (will change your life)
On the weekends I’m usually: With my family
2 words that best describe me: Practical & Ambitious
3 of my favorite things: Lake Season, Family, & Ski Season
My Memphis Invest super power: Rental Ranger, like a Power Ranger, but way cooler
Most frequently used emoji: 😂


Missy Blazek


Favorite office snack: Almonds & Pickles
On the weekends I’m usually: Watching football, Outdoor activities, Fishing
2 words that best describe me: Hardworking & a little sassy
3 of my favorite things: Spending time with family, Working out/sports & Baking
My Memphis Invest super power: Per DFW Staff, I’m known as ‘mama bear’ - I take care of all my cubs
Most frequently used emoji: 😜


Marq Cobb


Favorite office snack: Red bull and Pepto
On the weekends I’m usually: Exhausted from chasing my 3 young, highly energetic dependents around
2 words that best describe me: Focused & Loyal
3 of my favorite things: Cold weather, duck hunting, & Univ. of Georgia Football
My Memphis Invest super power: Endurance. 10+ years and I’m still here getting after it.
Most frequently used emoji: Adults don’t use those


Dave Smith


Favorite office snack: Coffee
On the weekends I’m usually: Sitting in my chair doing nothing
2 words that best describe me: Independent & Dependable
3 of my favorite things: Hanging with the fam, Building things & Watching movies
My Memphis Invest super power: Fixing things
Most frequently used emoji: 😂


Matt Rowan


Favorite office snack: Whatchamacallit
On the weekends I’m usually: Working in the yard and hanging out with my wife and daughter
2 words that best describe me: People Person
3 of my favorite things: Family, Jeeps & Woodworking
My Memphis Invest super power: Leaping tall rehabs with a single bound
Most frequently used emoji: 👍


Ashley Ware


Favorite office snack: Peanut butter and bananas
On the weekends I’m usually: Traveling
2 words that best describe me: Ambitious, Positive
3 of my favorite things: Coffee, yoga, reading
My Memphis Invest super power: Making people smile
Most frequently used emoji: 🤦‍♀️


What is the WOW Group?

The WOW Group is a special recognition given to all of our real estate investment clients who have five or more properties in their portfolios. We watched with amazement as this elite group of real estate investors grew to over 261 clients who owned nearly 1,600 homes.

Learn More



Our Values Have Always Been The Same.

Memphis Invest is not the first multi-million dollar company the Clothier family has built. Nor is it the Clothier families first customer service company that operated in an industry where customer service was not the norm. Kent Clothier, Sr. brings more than three decades of real estate and entrepreneurial experience to the clients of Memphis Invest. More importantly, he brings three decades of experience to his team. As a mentor to the 73 full-time employees, Kent can lean on those three decades to show his consistent belief that a superior experience will lead to happy, satisfied and returning clients.

This article from 1991 shows Kent’s early insistence on being the best at everything he did. The grocery industry set the foundation for what would eventually become one of the top customer service companies in the country, that just happens to sell investment real estate!

The facsimile machine in Kent Clothier Sr.’s office rings, prompting him to rise from his chair and walk over. He retrieves and scans a sheet of white paper.

“Someone has 2,250 cases of Duncan Hines Chewy Brownies. One truckload,” says Clothier, president of American Wholesale Grocers, Inc., “available in two weeks.” Clothier gets on the telephone and informs his stable of sales people that the product is available, and they get cracking.

“We are continuing to do what we do best,” says Clothier, who carefully weighs each word before he answers a question. “We earn our business everyday. We are in slow, calculated growth.”

American Wholesale’s business involves supplying retail stores and other wholesalers across the country. The company’s products include dry and frozen groceries and healthy and beauty aids.


Although Clothier says the company is paced for slow growth, he expects sales of $60 million-$75 million next year compare to this year’s $50 million.

American Wholesale has its headquarters at 6750 Poplar, Suite 108. It leases 28,000 square feet locally and also uses a 50,000-square-foot warehouse in Little Rock.

The company employs 19 total workers, including 12 salesmen, and Clothier plans to add three more sales people in 1991.

The company uses about 40 different truck carriers across the country that bid on the company’s work by truckloads.

Clothier, who began the wholesale company in 1986, started learning the grocery business from the ground up. His junior and senor years at Sunset High School in Dallas, he worked full time as an assistant manager at Minyard Food Stores, a chain of retail grocery outlets. He graduated from the school in 1969.

“At 16, I had the responsibility of locking up the store,” he says. “At 20, I was store manager and at 26 I was district manager with the company. When I left, the only people above me were the immediate family, the people who owned the company.” He worked with Minyard Food from 1967-1982. He says this hands-on experience helped set a course for eventually opening his own business. When he talks to one of his 250 suppliers and customers, Clothier says he can understand their need for goods delivered in an efficient and timely manner.

“I have been where they are,” he says. “I understand their goals, their accomplishments,” Clothier says. “My background is a tremendous asset. My experience helps me to better communicate with customers (and) my workers.” Even while he was punching someone else’s time clock, Clothier says he knew he had what it took to run his own business.

“I have always been an entrepreneur, willing to take a calculated risk,” he says, brushing his hand across his black hair, which is frosted with grey. Clothier got his chance to run his own operation. In 1983, he owned three supermarkets in Dallas, all measuring between 20,000 and 25,000 square feet.

The wholesaler that supplied his operation, Affiliated Food Stores of Keller, Texas, was impressed with Clothier and how he ran his chain. “Affiliated came to me and wanted me to (join) their company as vice president of marketing,” says Clothier.

“It was an $8 million operation and they wanted me to run it,” he says. He worked there from 1983 to 1985, when he decided to move to Memphis to help run a restaurant operation his family owned.

In 1986, Clothier says he decided to put all his years of experience to full use and start a wholesale grocery business. Because Memphis is centrally located in the country, Clothier decided to open the wholesale grocery operation here. Clothier says one of his company’s most pressing needs- and the area he plans to further develop- is the sales force.

“We only reach approximately 25%-30% of our potential customers (with our current sales force),” says Clothier. “The (three) additional salesmen will put us in the 15%-20% growth rate we want to see each year.” In addition to the 12-person sales staff, Clothier has one salesman in training.



Each salesman is trained six months. “Most of that time is spent on the data base,” says Clothier. The data base the salesmen use is the brainchild of Jack Scharff Jr., who formerly worked with MicroAge in Memphis.

“We bought the system from Micro Age,” says Clothier. “The system is networked with the sales representatives, sales department, transportation department, and the information systems department.” The data base holds the 250 accounts the wholesale operation uses.

“(Our operation) is mainly telemarketing,” says Clothier. “Our sales people have built up relationships across the country.” So his sales force would have accurate, up-to-date information on goods, Clothier has invested $100,000 in a computer system. This includes four facsimile machines and 19 computer terminals. On the computer screen, sales people have access to product names, cost, quantity, list prices, availability date, geographical location and destination point.

“If you want to do this business, you have to know what’s happening across the country. That’s how we’ve been able to make the company grow,” says Clothier.

When Clothier has a question about benefit packages, payroll, or corporate accounting, he asks his wife Sherry, who shares an office with him. Her brown desk is located along the eastern wall in the office.

“She and I worked together when I was a store manager in Dallas,” says Clothier. “She was a cashier and also worked in the personnel department of the company’s corporate office. She knows the hours and commitment it takes to make it in our industry.”

His wife is not the only family member working at the company. A younger brother Terry is the sales manager. His son, Kent Jr., 21, heads up the transportation/information department that monitors loads from wire to delivery, and 19-year-old Chris works in transportation.

“We are only as successful as the people who work for us,” says Clothier. “We are continuing to do what we do best. Ours is a relationship and service business. We’re not the biggest operation or company in this industry, but we try to be the best.”




How the Clothier Men Took Over the Investment World, One Good Transaction At A Time

By now, I’ve interviewed numerous real estate pros. There’s something about Memphis Invest’s Chris Clothier that is disarmingly genuine. I catch up with him between meetings on a Thursday in early Spring - despite his hectic schedule and calls that continue coming in, he gives me his undivided attention. I lead with a strong question that cuts to the chase,

“What’s the one big thing about your company that I should know?” Without missing a beat, he responds, “You can have anything you want in life, if you help other people get what they want.”

Over the past twelve years, Memphis Invest has built an impressive track record of getting people what they want in life. Their investors average a substantial 7% on returns - a fact of which Clothier is clearly proud. Memphis Invest, I learn, is more than just a turnkey provider - it’s a long-term investment management company. It’s the go-to for investors who want all the great returns of investment without the hassles that crop up. It’s where investors turn to when they want to make their money work harder without having to work harder themselves -- Chris and his ace team are the ones who field the property repairs, midnight resident phone calls, find the right properties in the right markets, and secure the best vendors to handle necessary renovations. Not only do they handle all of this, it’s what Memphis Invest does best.

A family-owned company, Memphis Invest was founded by Clothier patriarch Kent Sr. The company has grown organically after planting it roots many decades ago. Kent started out in the supermarket industry, managing a billion-dollar supermarket operation by the young age of 32. Kent brought his expertise in the grocery industry with him to Memphis and began American Wholesale Grocers in 1987. By 1995, he built the enterprise into a $50-million venture, which he sold in the late 1990s. He went on to pursue his passion for real estate and ended up being asked to speak at real estate investing associations. Friends and fellow investors kept turning to Kent for advice, asking him for his assistance in finding and managing investments as successfully as he had been finding and managing his own.

One thing led to another, and Memphis Invest took shape, carrying with it a mission to give people what they want in life. Two of his sons, Chris and Brett, both successful in their own right, joined the Memphis Invest management team and the dream began in earnest. The company decided to expand into Texas, adding offices in Dallas and Houston. The markets they target today -- Memphis, Dallas and Houston -- are among the strongest in the country for growing investment dollars. Key factors that make these markets desirable, as Chris puts it, include “affordability, economic growth and temperate climates.” Chris points out that the temperate climates translate to less weather-related wear, tear and maintenance for their property owners - for example, no snow removal. “The markets we offer give our clients a high level of comfort,” Chris explains, and I can see why.



So, how does a would-be investor find themselves working with Memphis Invest? It’s a process. I’m surprised to hear that Clothier is selective. He shares, “Not every investor is a good fit for Memphis Invest.” Who is a good fit, I ask? “Investors who want great returns and quality investments without the legwork,” Chris tells me.

Memphis Invest isn’t the cheapest option in the industry - nor do they aim to be. “With passive investments,” Chris explains, “cheaper is never better.” When you’re buying a cheap property, as with any decision to buy the less expensive option, you sacrifice something, somewhere. With cheaper investments, you may end up paying less upfront, but down the road, the price tag grows while the returns shrink. Whether it’s the need for ongoing repairs, a less-than-steady base of residents and larger rates of vacancy, or a significant time investment - buying a “cheap” property can end up costing a lot more than it looks on paper.

Memphis Invest’s clients come to the Clothiers looking for quality investments. Looking to truly grow their portfolios, investors typically purchase multiple properties at a time. Though not required to be accredited, the Memphis Invest team invests time with each new investor to fully understand their needs and wants. “We haven’t ever sold a property,” Chris proudly tells me. “What?” I ask him to repeat himself.

He goes on, 

“It’s not about selling properties, it’s about matching our properties with our clients’ needs. If it works, great.”

So, once a client comes to Memphis Invest, the team finds properties that match their needs. Absent are the aggressive sales pitches and empty-promise verbiage that gives the industry a bad name.

It’s a refreshing approach that’s served Memphis Invest, and its clients, well. Chris relates a story of a local competitor who came to them to find learn more about their practices. The competitor had copied the Memphis Invest marketing material almost word for word - and during their meeting with Memphis Invest, the competitor confessed, “I know you say you do all those things. We say we do, too. It’s what everyone in the industry says. But you guys actually do them.”

Their work, Chris says, speaks for itself. When investors see the properties, “they are blown away.” That’s what sets them apart - not being the cheapest game in town, or having the most aggressive sales pitch, or working with every investor that comes their’s having the best product that gives the best returns year after year. The proof that the Memphis Invest way works is in the pudding.

“60% of our deals are made by repeat investors. They keep coming to us for our value and reliability,” Chris concludes.

For a company that began because of a true demand for Kent Sr.’s investment guidance, it’s apparent that Memphis Invest will continue to grow, both in demand and in returns for their investors, for decades to come.

Mission & Core Values

We Manage The Risk And Preserve Your Capital

We make it easy for investors to purchase the right property, at the right price, with the right team, from anywhere in the world by managing risk, protecting capital and providing exceptional customer service and property management.

Our core values provide a roadmap to follow when making decisions, and they keep our team members focused on what's most important. The core values at Memphis Invest permeate the entire company, including Premier Property Management. They establish a customer-focused business strategy that's geared towards continual improvement and always doing what's best for a client.

  1. Always Do the Right Thing
  2. Deliver a Wow Experience
  3. Give Superior customer Service
  4. Never Stop Improving
  5. Be Accountable
  6. Be Honest
  7. Be Open Minded
  8. Be Humble
  9. Have Commitment
  10. Have Passion for What You Do

The Crucial Part of Investing In Real Estate Everyone Forgets

People start investing in real estate for a lot of different reasons. They usually boil down to one primary goal: financial freedom. Maybe that freedom is for retirement, and said investor is building up a fund to serve their twilight years. Other investors may be looking to secure independence in the now, to free themselves from a 9-to-5 and discover the free to travel, live, and be.

The dream of financial freedom is a great one, and we know it’s possible to achieve through real estate investment. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again, firsthand.

That said, real estate investors, in their pursuit of their financial goals, often overlook what we believe is the absolute most crucial part of investing in real estate.

We’re talking about customer service. Customer service? In real estate investment? You bet!

For the real estate investor, customer service usually means property management. You see, the problem is that real estate investors, in their quest to achieve financial freedom, tend to look strictly at the bottom line. And because of that, they don’t always place the value on customer service that it deserves.

These real estate investors think that by cutting corners where they can, by maximizing profits and minimizing costs, they’re following a solid investment strategy. But trust us. They’re not.

Buying cheap houses is not a good investment. Relying on cheap property management is not a good investment. It’s something we’ve learned from experience and something we’ve seen over and over again in the industry. It might seem good. Sometimes the numbers make sense. But it really never adds up in the long run.

Why do investors settle for less in property management?

If it doesn’t make sense not to choose premium property management, why don’t more investors do it? Why do so many settle for less?

They’re only looking at the bottom line

It’s logical to look at the numbers. Numbers just don’t always tell the whole story. It makes sense to say, “I can save money by going with a middle-of-the-road property management company,” and so that’s what a lot of investors do. While there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, they are missing out on the advantages of truly great property management.

They don’t realize the difference it makes

When you’ve never experienced a premium or luxury product, imagining how much better it can really be to imagine. If an investor has only ever come to expect average service and that’s been the pinnacle of their experience, their point of reference is skewed. Until they take a chance on something better, that’s all they’ll ever know!

Why is premium property management worth it? Increased Resident Satisfaction and Retention

When you invest in premium property management, owners know that their managers are taking care of their residents. They offer attentive, quality services that ensure residents feel well-cared for, listened to, and comfortable while they rent. Instead of begrudgingly paying rent each month, they feel that their home and the treatment they’ve received makes the cost worth that much and more.

When residents feel respected and well-treated by the management, they’re more likely to stay longer, which reduces turnover and the length of vacancies as word spreads about their good experience.

Increased Value for Owners

For owners, premium management means never worrying about your investments. It means having clear, constant access to information and reports, consistent, thorough updates, and never having to worry about being out-of-the-loop. It means your investments can truly be as passive as humanly possible. You can let go of the day-to-day details because you’re working with true professionals at the very top of their industry.

Improved Reputation and Desirability

Your property managers are, in many cases, your face to the public. These are the people your residents see. Much of your reputation (and that of your properties) hinges on the reputation of your managers. If your management is sub-par, it will impact both your reputation in the community and your ability to fill vacancies when the word gets out.

On the other hand, when you have truly standout property management—the kind that goes above and beyond—you know that your managers will curate the best of the best residents, who know that you have a reputation for excellence. Not only will you have the advantage of your passive income, but the immeasurable value in a good reputation.

While settling for passable property management is fine, real estate investors owe it to themselves to place real value on excellent customer service if they truly want to accelerate their real estate investment business



"Aloha, Thank you and the whole Memphis Invest team for coming out to Hawaii to visit with us. I hope the islands treated you all well and that you all had a great time. Just speaking for myself, I am very appreciative of being invited to catch up with all of you n person and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with your team. Memphis Invest is a world class organization with some of the best people I have ever met and OUTSTANDING customer service! I look forward to growing my portfolio and continuing doing business with your organization for many ears to come." – Reid G., Waipahu, HA

"Thanks SO much for meeting us and providing a tour that was perfect. We're always amazed how professional and courteous EVERY member of the team is from Mr. Kent on down. We feel so lucky to invest with such an amazing company with endless talent; grateful indeed!" – Bret & Gleny, Hendersonville, NC

"Premier Property is a great company to lease from. I never had an issue getting a maintenance request taken care of and Jerry and his team made me feel like a priority when it came to upgrading to a new home." – Zjonathan P., Memphis, TN

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