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6 Important Real Estate Investing Articles You May Have Missed

Mon, Aug 10, 2015

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So many real estate articles, so little time. If you don’t take the time to check all the blogs and news sources every day, chances are you’ll miss a lot of great content. That’s why every week, we compile a list of great real estate must-reads from some of the best real estate blogs on the web.

Whether it’s real estate news or handy tips for investors from leading industry experts, these articles are a great place to start for catching up on your reading.

5 Great Real Estate Articles You May Have Missed

10 Home Staging Tips to Sell (Or Rent) Your Property FAST! — BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets, as most of know, is one of the best sources out there for real estate investors. This time is no different. Most real estate investors aren’t necessarily savvy in interior design, but it’s important to know at least the basics for the purposes of home staging, whether you’re renting or selling a property. This post goes through a comprehensive strategy for making your property as appealing as possible to your target demographic. And, a bonus article also from BiggerPockets: Nathan Brooks shares his experimental open house that took place mid-renovation, how it failed, and what he learned.

Urban Institute Predicts Rental Surge Among Millennials, Minorities, Seniors — National Real Estate Investor

This Spring and Summer, the real estate market as a whole saw a significant surge in renters across the country, specifically in apartments. While there are apartment experts out there that believe that vacancies will rise this year, renting, in the long-term, is headed for a boom according to the Urban Institute. In fact, they predict that in 15 years, renters will outnumber homeowners. For investors, it’s important to pay attention to the flow of the real estate market. If millennials, minorities and seniors are the most likely contributors to a rental surge, how should it affect your strategies?

Hyperlocal Crowdfunding Lowers Risks for Investors — National Real Estate Investor

Also from National Real Estate Investor is this article on THE hot topic buzzing in real estate investment circles: crowdfunding. While some consider this method over-hyped, the truth it’s a growing, expanding platform that deserves attention. As it continues to shift and grow, it could revolutionize how real estate investing happens. Here, attention is brought to the value not only in how crowdfunding expands market access, but how services linking investors to local real estate crowdfunding projects can decrease risk.

Can Rapid Growth Endanger Your Business? — Buildium

Even though Buildium is a property management blog, it doesn’t mean it’s off-topic for investors. This post on the dangers of growing too fast and taking on too much can be dangerous for your business may be targeted to managers, but you can easily replace “manager” with “investor” here.

5 Ways to Use Real Estate Investing to Teach Your Kids About Finance - Bigger Pockets

Even as real estate investors, teaching our children how to handle money responsibly isn’t easy. Money and finances can be complicated — but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our wisdom from investing in real estate to impart good principles for the future of their money management.

So, any of the stories resonate?  Did any of the articles spark a thought or hit a topic you've been wondering about?  

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Chris Clothier
Written by Chris Clothier

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