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Memphis Investment Properties From Afar

Thu, Sep 27, 2012

memphis investment properties from afarIf you are looking for an affordable investment with reliable returns, then you may wish to consider Memphis investment properties. Whether you are new to foreclosure properties real estate or are a more seasoned investor, Memphis offers reasonable real estate costs and a strong market of reliable renters and there is no better company to assist you with your purchases than Memphis Invest.

Why Memphis Investment Properties?

Memphis offers a strong market for cash flow real estate investors who wish to make an income renting out foreclosure properties for a variety of reasons.  What is really interesting, and a fact sometimes lost on new real estate investors, is that Memphis is a great market but the investment properties themselves come into play long after the other positives of the city are considered. 

Positives that effect Memphis Investment Properties like:

1. Colleges and universities

Memphis is home to a variety of colleges and universities. College towns often create an ideal rental economy, with a constant presence of students and scholars in need of high quality housing.  There are 18 universities, colleges and trade schools within 30 miles of Memphis most notably, The University of Memphis, Christian Brother University, Rhodes College & LeMoyne Owen College.  With the exception of Rhodes College, each of these schools is considered a commuter school where most of the students live off campus.  Even Rhodes has a large number of students that live in housing near campus.  Some real estate investors prefer this type of investing and whether you are one of those investors or not, the presence of these universities has another huge positive.

By providing an atmosphere of educated graduates and a growing population of college graduates, Memphis continues to grow and attract new businesses.  Added to the fact that Memphis is one of the Most Affordable Cities in America, population and job growth both will continue into the foreseeable future and that growth also raises demand for quality housing.  So the presence of colleges and universities is a huge positive for the city.

2. Industries

Memphis has developed as America's Logistics Capital and is home to several logistical industries.  With one of the largest inland ports, the 2nd largest inter-modal exchange and the world's largest cargo airport, Memphis has become synonymous with shipping, distribution and transportation.  Now, Memphis is quickly becoming the go-to location for other industries that rely on quick delivery of their products such as the bio-medical and medical device industries.  Memphis' geographic location and proximity to other ports makes it a natural fit for large manufacturing and shipping industries and Memphis is even home to several Fortune 500 Companies.  These factors help make Memphis a safe place for profitable real estate investment as they provide for a stable outlook and steady supply of jobs.

But what if you don't live in the greater Memphis area? What if you are not able to see these benefits for an investment city?  Believe it or not, you do not have to live in Memphis, or even in Tennessee, to benefit from Memphis investment properties. It is not uncommon for investors as far afield as California to purchase Memphis real estate, or to invest in affordable real estate in strong markets all over the country. Indeed, if you want to benefit from the excellent Memphis market, then you can do it from anywhere. You can purchase foreclosure properties at a deep discount, then rent out those properties to bring in a steady monthly income. Geography doesn't need to be a limiting factor in your investment portfolio. All you really need after realizing that Memphis is a great place to invest is a reliable source of high-quality investment homes (not the CHEAP stuff pedaled by unscrupulous vendors) and a quality property management company to take care of the practical details for you.  Purchasing Memphis Investment Properties can absolutely reap you the benefits from afar.

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