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Experience Matters Podcast

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Family and Business

Jan 29, 2018 10:32:43 PM

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This week on the Experience Matters Podcast, Kent Clothier Sr and Kevin Hommel are excited to have Chris and Brett Clothier join the show! 

I'm sure you have heard...sometimes business and family aren't necessarily the best combinations. However, the Clothier family has successfully built a 100+ million dollar "family owned" company together!

Now, that is not to say there haven't been some disagreements here or there...as you will hear in this podcast, there have been some serious...we'll call it "discussions" along the way.

However, the family has learned to work together to ultimately bring out the best in qualities in each other to create a great a one of a kind "family owned" business!

Watch the podcast below as the Clothier family talks about their journey in business together! 



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Kent Clothier Sr.
Written by Kent Clothier Sr.