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7 Things Elite Real Estate Investors Do Differently

Tue, Jul 2, 2024

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Anyone can be a real estate investor. But elite investors – those who genuinely excel and build lasting wealth through real estate – are built different. It’s not that they have some innate greatness or skill that others lack. Instead, they have the drive and discipline to establish habits that bring their investment success to new heights.

Want to be that kind of investor? You’re in luck – here’s our list of essential habits for elite investors!

7 Habits that Shape Real Estate Investment Success


Habit #1 – Patience

Patience may be a virtue, but it’s also a habit. Real estate investors succeed when they can zoom out and focus on long-term gains rather than short-term rewards. They need to be able to remain calm and diligent through market fluctuations. This business works best when given time. So be patient. Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s investing journey – focus on your vision for yourself and your portfolio.

Habit #2 – Budgeting & Financial Review

According to a recent NerdWallet survey, 84% of Americans maintain a monthly budget. Of course, of those people, 84% also admit to blowing their budget. There are a variety of reasons behind this trend, including inflation – especially the rising cost of groceries. Though we’re talking about your investment portfolio, your personal budget matters. Investors should be masters of making and sticking to their budgets – this allows for bolstering emergency funds and savings for new property acquisitions. Budgeting skills also help out when calculating net cash flow. 

Habit #3 – Keeping Up

The real estate industry is always changing. The best investors are those with their fingers on the pulse – they’re keeping up with trends, regulatory changes, emerging markets, and shifts in both rental and traditional real estate. Keeping up isn’t always easy, but even passive investors do well to carve out the time. When you do, you’ll be more adept at strategy, from your target markets to operational priorities.

Habit #4 – Lifelong Learning

The best investors – heck, the best people – are lifelong learners. They recognize that they don’t, can’t, and will never know everything. So, they do their best to expand their horizons, enhance their perspectives, and level up their skills. On a practical level, this means seeking out new knowledge. How you do that doesn’t really matter – it can be books, podcasts, blogs, seminars, or courses. The important thing is that investors are always learning, not just about real estate or investing.

Habit #5 – Consulting the Experts

We can’t overstate the value of going to the experts. When you’re a passive real estate investor, you should take every opportunity to leverage experience and expertise, from property and portfolio managers to lawyers, accountants, and the professionals in between. The leveraging of experience is one of the best things you can do.

For example, a new real estate investor can go through a turnkey investment company to acquire their first property. They may not know how everything works, what makes a suitable investment property, or where to buy – but that turnkey company does. That saves the new investor time while reducing risk.

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Habit #6 – Making Connections

Surround yourself with experienced investors and mentors who can share their perspectives and experiences. Hearing about their journeys can reinforce your focus, clarify the next steps, and help you remain diligent through challenges. How do you find these people? There’s good news…connecting with like-minded professionals is easier than ever. There’s social media, whether on Facebook groups, LinkedIn, or forums (like the renowned Bigger Pockets platform), and traditional avenues like conferences, seminars, and networking events.

Regardless of how you connect, surrounding yourself with other investors is never a bad idea.

Habit #7 – Reevaluating

Finally, elite real estate investors habitually evaluate and reevaluate everything. They’re cognizant of their potential to grow and improve – unwilling to let themselves (or their portfolios) grow stagnant. What does reevaluation look like? In part, this means staying engaged and aware of property performance, income and expenses, and shifting or upcoming needs (like a new roof or HVAC). It also involves close communication and collaboration with portfolio advisors and partners. Being on the same page ensures that your investments are selected and operated with your goals in mind.

None of these investor habits are difficult to learn or do. What separates elite investors from the rest of the pack is simple – the drive to do these things consistently and intentionally. So the question remains…is that the kind of investor you want to be?


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