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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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Be the First in Your Family to Become a Real Estate Investor

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Nov 23, 2022

Maybe investing in real estate is a new concept for you. Growing up, maybe your parents stuck to stocks or didn’t invest at all. And now that you’re in the rough-and-tumble financial climate of today, rife with inflation, recession, and unpredictability, you’re looking for a way to establish wealth not just for yourself, but to be the one who establishes generational wealth for your family. 

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3 min read

Real Estate Investment Is the Secret to Sustainable Wealth

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Sep 21, 2022

Sustainability is a term we hear most often in relation to environmental efforts rather than wealth management.

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Top 10 Things to Know About SFR Investing

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Aug 30, 2022

Whether you're new to investing, or simply want to explore options in your real estate portfolio, we're here to help you get the facts on single-family rentals (SFR).

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Wealth-Building Habits That Don't Cost a Dime

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Jul 26, 2019

When we talk about building wealth, there is usually the notion or expectation that it will cost us something to do so. We will either have to make sacrifices to build wealth, spend money to build wealth, or somehow do something we are uncomfortable with in order to make long-term gains in the future.

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The 7 Crucial Components of a Wealthy Mindset

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Jan 31, 2019

When you consider your finances, what do you think about? Do you feel a sense of excitement, or does it provoke anxiety? Do you focus on savings, or scaling your wealth? Your mindset about money can say a lot about your potential for success.

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Why Investing in Turnkey Real Estate is Better Than Getting Rich Quick

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Nov 16, 2018

There’s a chance you’re rolling your eyes at the idea that anything is better than getting rich quick. After all, the sorts of schemes that make those promises have duped millions for years. They’re irresistible because they promise fortune without effort. The bad news is that they never work. Whether they’re secretly riddled with risk, run by dreamers wearing rose-colored goggles, or nefarious pyramid schemes, getting rich quick is never what it’s cracked up to be.

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Overcome What's Limiting Your Wealth & Potential in Real Estate Investing

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Jun 19, 2018

Where are your limitations?

While many of the limitations we face in life come from outside forces, many times our limits are self-imposed. So many times we subconsciously fabricate. They can come from years of experience, from what we've been taught, or even from our own fears and reservations. These limitations can impact every area of life, including our potential for financial freedom.

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The Investor's Guide to Generating Real Results from Your Rental Properties

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Sep 19, 2017

So you’ve been investing in real estate for a little while. Maybe you have a rental property or two. But you’re not really seeing results yet. You’re doing everything right, but you’re not quite where you want to be.

Things aren’t moving fast enough yet. How do you move the needle? How do you start actually seeing results? How do you start actually building wealth?

Being a real estate investor is tough. If you want to actually start seeing real results from your rental properties, it starts with these steps.

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The Realistic Path to Wealth Through Real Estate Investment

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Aug 25, 2017

If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us are guilty of having some unrealistic expectations in life. Whether it’s thinking we can still squeeze into a pair of pants that fit us 20 pounds ago, or believing that we really can get rich overnight, there’s a point where healthy optimism turns into a dangerous pipedream.

We’ll be honest here: we totally, 100% absolutely believe that real estate investment is the best path to financial freedom. Whether you want to build the capital to fund your retirement, quit your job, or travel the world, it’s the best avenue you can take to be fiscally independent.

Still, there are a lot of people out there who will preach that real estate investment is an easy win. That it’s no work, that you’ll get rich quick and that the money...

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Memphis Real Estate | Memphis Invest Aims to Beat Feds in Home Sales

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Jul 20, 2011

When July 1st hit, the staff at MemphisInvest.com took time to celebrate an incredible 1st half of 2011 with a company-wide lunch. As is always the case with this company, the celebration was short. There was more work to do. The owners took a second to reflect on a new mantra introduced from a Truett Cathy quote: "If you commit to getting better, your clients will demand you get bigger."  With 128% growth over the 1st half of 2010, the demand was evident.

Founded by Kent Clothier, Brett Clothier, Kent Clothier, Jr. and Chris Clothier, MemphisInvest.com has grown over the past 6 years intothe largest private home seller in West Tennessee. With the primary focus as providing real estate investors from around the country and even the world with investment opportunities they are not able to find in their home cities, the company has been able to fulfill that mission while helping investors build real wealth with assets.   With 24 full-time employees and supporting hundreds of other businesses and workers in the city of Memphis, the Clothiers have taken the idea of passive real estate investing to a whole new level.

"There are some companies that are just great at what they do and they have clients that rave about them," says Kent Clothier. "That is our goal, our mission. We want our clients to be so crazy about how good we treat them and how easy it is to invest in real estate, that they cannot stop talking about our company."

It is those raving clients that have fueled the company to over 120% growth compared to the first 6 months of 2010.

Here are the top three private companies selling investment property in Memphis:

Memphis Invest, GP - 157
Memphis Investment Properties - 84
Memphis Cash Flow - 64

* according to Chandler Reports as of 7/1/2011.

"Customer Service has been ingrained in the very culture of our company and so much of providing great service revolves around doing everything in your company better than you did the day before," says Chris. "We take the time every week to train our staff on great educational materials and books that are all designed to help us serve our investors better. That commitment shows and it has fueled our growth."

After closing 69 transactions the first six months of 2010, the staff was happy to see that only the federal government was still selling more properties in Memphis than Memphis Invest. "When you close 157 transactions in such a short amount of time, so much of it has to do with how your clients feel about your relationship and and how they are being treated," says Marq Cobb.   With Fannie Mae and HUD leading the Memphis area in home sales, MemphisInvest.com has firmly taken the mantle as the leader among private companies selling properties in Memphis and hopes to catch the government backed companies in monthly sales.

The Clothiers continue to plan for more growth and have plans to add more staff through the end of 2011. "We have to keep up with the demand from our clients and that means our service cannot drop one bit," states Kent. "We want to be the best at everything we do and this is no different - I want to be the best turn-key provider, the best property renovator, the best property manager and I want people to go WOW when they find out about our customer service program."

With those goals in mind, the staff wrapped up lunch on July 1st and looked ahead to an even better second half of 2011.
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