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Experience Matters Podcast

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Fear and Risk

Jun 19, 2017 4:26:20 PM

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A couple of weeks ago we launched our Q&A session on the Experience Matters Podcast. Since then, we have received tons of questions and were blown away by your responses.

In fact, because of the overwhelming support, we decided to use the questions you submit every week, and use them as the theme for each weeks podcast!

This week on the Experience Matters Podcast, Kent Clothier Sr, and Kevin Hommel will discuss "Fear and Risk" as a business entrepreneur. We have three questions that our listeners submitted and we can't wait to share the answers with you!

Don't forget to submit your questions to be answered on an upcoming podcast! Email our team here: info@memphisinvest.com 




"Fear and Risk" Show Notes:

  • Where did you learn about how to take risks? - 1:25
  • What type of risks are you not willing to take? - 6:58
  • As a business owner in real estate, how do you decide what is a good market for expansion? - 8:50


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Kent Clothier Sr.
Written by Kent Clothier Sr.