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Memphis Named As #1 In Another Real Estate List...

By Chris Clothier on Sun, Apr 7, 2013

Memphis, TN. Named #1 City For Single-Family Rentals

Realtytrac, the California based on-line foreclosure marketplace has quickly become a fantastic data aggregation site as well and their recent release naming the Top 20 markets to buy single-family rentals made a lot of headlines.  Using data, Realtytrac names the 20 Top Markets by price point and income potential.  At Memphis Invest, we realized several years ago that there were certain dynamics that made Memphis unique when compared to many cities around the country.  This has been fairly well documented by the number of times Memphis appears on man Top lists for everything ranging from affordability, retirement, starting a business, starting a family, receiving health care...and now for investing in single-family homes.

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