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Gillian Burgess

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Learning When to Let Go of a Rental Property

By Gillian Burgess on Fri, Jan 2, 2015

We all have regrets in life. Some of us have real estate investment regrets. If you’re stuck with a rental property that’s weighing you down, you may find yourself wondering if you should just cut your losses and move on. Maybe you want to stick it out and hope for things to get better down the line. There are several options to weigh if you’ve found yourself at a crossroads with a property you own.

At the same time, understanding the big picture is just as important and learning that fluctuations in the way a property performs and the way a property fits into your portfolio are important too.  A down year is not always a reason to let a property go.  It takes careful and thoughtful evaluation before deciding to let got of a long-term investment property.  

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Smart Tactic: Build Relationships With Other Real Estate Investors

By Gillian Burgess on Wed, Dec 24, 2014

Sometimes real estate investors like to stick to the numbers. We look at positive cash flow and make calculations and see where we can boost our bottom line. Sticking too close to the technical aspects of the business has its perils, though.  It can lead us to look at real estate investing as a paper endeavor where some black typing on a white sheet is all we have to worry about.  There is much more to this than simply looking at the numbers on a piece of paper.

Investing in real estate is a business of relationships, not numbers.  As a company, we absolutely believe in that message and have built each of our businesses on the backs of great people who are passionate about what they do.  Many of our team members are also real estate investors themselves, so strong relationships are something we understand very clearly!   

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Do Abandoned Homes Equal Real Estate Investment Opportunities?

By Gillian Burgess on Mon, Aug 25, 2014

People pass by abandoned properties every day. You know the type: no one lives there, no one works there. Weeds take over, windows are broken or boarded up and everything falls into disrepair.  I am not talking about the run down parts of town either.  Every day real estate investors can look in many neighborhoods where the last thing you would expect to find is an abandoned home and yet, right there in the middle of the block is a home with weeds three feet tall and pieces of colored paper taped inside the windows.  Those are the notices that the water has been turned off or that a management company has been contacted to look after the property.

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Inspirational Motivational Quotes to Kick Off Real Estate 2014!

By Gillian Burgess on Thu, Jan 2, 2014

You may not be all that excited about the start of 2014. A new year can bring new stresses, new worries and the complications of the unknown. It could be that you were good and comfortable with 2013, but 2014? You might not be ready to make friends with 2014, let alone embrace it.

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