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Experience Matters Podcast

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Dec 18, 2017 8:36:22 PM

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This week on the Experience Matters Podcast, Kent Clothier Sr, and Kevin Homel talk about the term  "Inspect what you Expect". 

This is a phrase that Kent Clothier Sr, has been using to motivate and empower his team for over 30 years. When you set the precedent for what is expected of your team but never follow up on accountability, are you truly setting them up for success?

As a leader, it is extremely important to follow-up with your team to praise or show recognition for a job well done or challenge and motivate them to do better when improvement is needed. 

Watch the video podcast below to hear them dive into this topic!

Watch the podcast below and make sure to leave comments on what you find valuable!   

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Kent Clothier Sr.
Written by Kent Clothier Sr.