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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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Real Estate Investors Can Follow These Tips To Finish 2017 Strong! 

By Chris Clothier on Sat, Jul 1, 2017

For a lot of us, 2016 was a little rough. Maybe not for our real estate investment endeavors, but in other ways. Even if one area goes well, when others seem shaky or uncertain—maybe it’s global politics or the death of a beloved celebrity, or some other turmoil—it can be hard to believe that everything is going to go right.

2017 hasn't exactly been cupcakes and rainbows either, but this is where we have to start taking stock of our year.  We are halfway done and regardless of the ares where things could be better, we have to plan for the second half of the year and how to improve the things we can control.  We have control over items such as our investment mindset, where we choose to focus, steps we take to grow and improve our real estate investments.

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The Reliability of Memphis Real Estate

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Jun 16, 2017

What do you picture when you think of a great real estate investing market?

Depending on who is reading this article, some go to a top-tier market: something like New York City or San Francisco. Despite the fact that these markets are impenetrable for your average real estate investor, they’re the markets that we’re easily dazzled by. And who can blame us? We like glamour. We like pizzaz.

Still others go to smaller markets and the buzz of "middle-america" markets where properties are cheap and plentiful!  

But ultimately, what makes a great long-term real estate investing market, what brings success to real estate investors—the kind of success that allows someone to invest in a glamorous market like NYC—is reliability.

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The Millennial Impact on Houston Real Estate

By Chris Clothier on Sat, Jun 3, 2017

Houston real estate has been on somewhat of a roller coaster over the past several years.

If you’ve been following their saga at all, you know that Houston was one of the cities largely spared in the wake of the largest recession in recent history (circa ‘07-09).

Their real estate market never inflated in the same way that many around the country did, so when the market crash occurred, they didn’t have nearly as far to fall.

Because of this, Houston and other Texas real estate markets...

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Building a Real Estate Investing Strategy: Minimize Risk in Your Investments

By Chris Clothier on Fri, May 12, 2017

Out of all the ways to prepare for your financial future, investing in real estate has grown increasingly in popularity over the past few decades. There are compelling reasons for that. For one, real estate investment offers flexibility that other types of investments, like stocks and bonds, just don’t. You direct the course of your real estate investments yourself—choosing what properties to buy, where to buy them, how and when to scale, what types of properties to choose, how to leverage capital, and more.

With Turnkey Real Estate investing gaining in popularity as investor realize there is a way to be passive and invest in long-term buy & hold at the same time, real estate as an option has grown even more.  Passive options like investing in turnkey properties have attracted many investors, both experienced and inexperienced, both flush with resources and just starting out.  The one thing in common among passive investors is that they know they do not have the time to devote to learning how to actively learn real estate.

There are endless variations on strategy and practice when it comes to building your financial...

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Advice: Active Real Estate Investors - Invest Your Profits!

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Feb 22, 2013

This post is aimed directly at real estate investors who are buying properties as a way to generate additional income.  So often, we forget that the income that is coming in has value too.  Not just in our pockets, but also as part of your long-term investment strategy.

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Real Estate: Memphis Invest Named Finalist For Business of The Year

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Mar 30, 2012

Memphis Invest Nominated for Small Business Award

Memphis Invest, GP was very honored this week to be formally nominated for the Memphis Business Journal Small Business Awards.  After what can only be described as an incredible 2011, Memphis Invest is positioned for an even stronger 2012 and many of our peers and business organizations are taking notice.  

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Real Estate Investing | Why all the Gloomy News Headlines?

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Jan 17, 2012

If you live in Memphis of follow the headlines of real estate news, then you may be as surprised as I am to find every news story written about the real estate market coming from the view point of doom and gloom.  Sales are down, prices are down, values are down, buyers are down, my dog is down, my girlfriend left me, my car broke down, my wallet is empty...sorry, I seemed to have gotten caught up in my 'Country Music' moment!

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