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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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4 Tips to Keeping Pests Out of Your Rental Properties

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Jun 11, 2015

While no season is guaranteed to be free of pests, we sure seem to notice them more in warmer months. All manners of creepy-crawlies show up to the horror of many.  When they show up at rental properties...they can cause financial horrors too.

Between bugs and warm-blooded pests (namely mice), unwanted intruders in a home can not only cause damage to your investment properties, but cause great discontent in the hearts and minds and their residents.

Handling pest control on your investment properties is important. Neglecting to do so is bad for your reputation and your properties — after all, no one wants to share their space with unwanted vermin.

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Real Estate Investors & the Trend of Mobile Payments

By Chris Clothier on Fri, May 22, 2015

Real estate investors and property managers are all familiar with the frustration of tenants who never seem to pay their rent on time, which can throw your positive cash flow out-of-whack. Even when tenants pay the rent in full over the course of a month (making payments each week), the use of technology like mobile and online payments can add a sense of security for an owner.  Knowing that it is easy for your tenants to pay can reduce the stress of having to stay on top of those payments through the month.

With modern technology, it just doesn’t make sense for owners not to take advantage of the growing online and mobile payment avenue.

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[VIDEO Included] 3 Strategies For Preventing Maintenance Disasters!

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Feb 19, 2015

No one likes to do it and no one likes to pay for it. As real estate investors, staying on top of property maintenance is a key way to keep your tenants content and build a reputation as an investor who cares for their business. Even when you have property management handling the nitty-gritty details and hands-on aspects of property maintenance, that doesn’t mean investors can ignore maintenance and simply rely on that management company.

Smart real estate investors stay in front of property maintenance by accepting it as a capital expenditure (capex) that is going to always be there.  Maintenance is what prevents major issues and when issues arise, whether you landlord yourself or use a management company, time and action are vitally important.  The longer we wait as real estate investors to address maintenance issues, the bigger the problems become and the bigger bite they take out of our check books.

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What Your Tenants Want In Your Rental Property

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Feb 10, 2015

This is the first of a few articles I am writing dealing with the topic of tenants.  It is my hope that I can help investors get a better understanding of exactly who the tenant is that is renting their properties.  I figured the easiest place to start was defining exactly what tenants are looking for today.

At the same time, many of the investors that work with Memphis Invest and Premier Property Management are reviewing statements from 2014 and deciding what to add for 2015.  With three cities and varying price points available for portfolios, there is a lot to choose from, but more importantly...there is a lot for renters to choose from.  Here are the top factors for tenants that you need to consider.

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6 New Year To-Do's for Property Managers And Landlords

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Jan 16, 2015

In real estate investment, there are always things we can do better. As owners, our property managers are one of our greatest assets. They ensure that your real estate investments run smoothly in the day-to-day nitty gritty.

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5 Essential Questions to Ask Property Managers Before Hiring

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Nov 20, 2014

Updated September 2022

No one person can be more instrumental in the success — or failure — of your real estate investments than your property manager. They act as organizer, middleman and voice for your investment property. A good property manager not only keep real estate investors from having to deal with the daily grind of many landlord responsibilities, but they are key in finding and keeping good tenants.

There is a phrase that is often used when talking success for real estate investors.  It goes:  A bad property manager can destroy a great investment every time.

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Real Estate Investing | 4 Ultimate Strategies For Rent Payments

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Nov 18, 2014

Sometimes it feels like a futile struggle to get tenants to pay on time. Your property manager can send reminder after reminder in every way they can think of, from the spoken word, written note, email, text, tweet to smoke signals and semaphore...sometimes nothing seems to work!

When the rent payments come in late, it can be a real inconvenience to real estate investors — particularly those who own single-family properties.  At the same time, high turnover rates can be a killer for a real estate investor.  Both of these issues can easily be overcome with a few simple steps and "re-evaluation" of the owner/landlord/management/tenant relationship.

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How to Minimize Property Management Headaches

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Aug 21, 2014

Whether you’ve taken on landlord responsibilities yourself as a real estate investor or you’ve hired a property manager, there are things people dislike about property management

It’s not all petty griping —there are some good reasons to complain. When you invest in real estate, It's a job that takes enormous patience, sacrifice and interpersonal and organizational skills.  Add the responsibility of managing your properties and it’s not for the faint of heart.

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Want to Save Money in the Long Run? Attentive Property Management!

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Jul 25, 2014

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’ve been letting property maintenance slide, you might be throwing money away. Property management isn’t something that real estate investors really like to deal with — but it’s a necessary element to any investment.

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Why Rent? Insights for Real Estate Investors

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Apr 15, 2014

While rent rates continue their slow climb, surprisingly, the vacancies in apartments are on the downswing. Reis reported a 3.2% rent increase in 2013, compared to the vacancy decline of 4.1%. That trend doesn’t seem to be changing, as it's similar to the statistics of 2012. More and more people are turning to renting despite rising costs. One would think that wouldn’t be the case, but it’s good news for real estate investors.

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