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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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MemphisInvest.com Announces Cash Flow Pros Expo

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Aug 19, 2010

Kent Clothier & Family are hosting a one time only 3-Day Bootcamp for Building an INCREDIBLE Real Estate Business...

Are you going to be one of the lucky few who ACTUALLY USES this opportunity to take action!!  Learn from the best and get on the right track to success.  

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Buy & Hold is a True Long-Term Strategy for Real Estate Investors

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Aug 13, 2010

Part 2 of 2

Back then, they flipped often and helped to bid up home prices into a froth. Now, the investors say, they can be a part of stabilizing neighborhoods.

“People are not in it to flip like back in the old economy,” said Matt Martinez, an investor and author whose new book, “How to Make Money in Real Estate in the New Economy” comes out next February. “The new economy dictates that you have to have a long time horizon.”

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Buying Discount real estate in Memphis

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Jul 28, 2010

The number of real estate investors buying discounted properties in Memphis has never been higher and they are investing in Memphis real estate for a reason!  CASH FLOW...

Discounted properties seem to be popping up in better areas of Memphis every week.  With Banks having to continue to get rid of excess inventory while at the same time recording a record number of NOD's (notice of default), the opportunity to invest in Memphis real estate will continue to be a good one!

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Partners in Memphis Real Estate Investing Success - Part 1 of 2

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Jul 15, 2010

MemphisInvest.com has spent years developing a loyal base of customers and continues to grow that base on the strength of the services and products that we offer.  To have others ride that wave is to be expected....but, at some point everyone has to stand on their own feet and actually practice what they preach.

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Investing in Wholesale Properties in Memphis, TN.

By Chris Clothier on Fri, May 28, 2010

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your complete done-for-you real estate investing system. I just closed on the re-finance of my second wholesale property in Memphis, and signed the contract for the third. When this third deal is completed, I will have put very little of my own money into any of these wholesale properties and will have a positive monthly cash flow of almost $500 per month on each property after all expenses.

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ANALYSIS: Why Memphis is a Better Real Estate Investment City

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Apr 14, 2010

Do you read the daily articles in Yahoo real estate news?  How about DSNews.com?

These are two great real estate sites for keeping up with the everyday news and I happened across two articles today that I thought everyone should know about.  I will link them at the bottom of the page.

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Memphis is HOT for Cash Flow Property Investors!

By Chris Clothier on Mon, Nov 2, 2009

Southeast Memphis continues to be a hot area to invest in Memphis real estate.  This 3/2.5 property is no exception!  With a double digit return for cash buyers and over $250 monthly cash flow after long-term financing, this property is an absolute winner at .54 cents on the dollar!

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Nice Southeast Memphis Property attracts Investment Property Buyers

By Chris Clothier on Mon, Oct 19, 2009

If you are looking to invest in Memphis real estate..... this is a good place to start!!

Memphis Investment Property

7089 Apple Creek, Memphis, TN 38125

Location: Southeast Memphis

Southeast Memphis is fast gaining a reputation for having great properties in nice neighborhoods that Memphis real estate investors are falling in love with. With 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a two car garage, a fenced in backyard, back deck, vaulted ceilings, and central heat & air, this property is a great example of why these types of Memphis investment properties are cash flowing so well for investors.  And these are just a few of the features that make this home such a great deal!

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Memphis, Tennessee Ranked High for Real Estate Investing

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Jun 10, 2009

While none of us expects changes in the housing market over the next few years in terms of major appreciation, there will be some localized, smaller market cities that fare better than others.

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