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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

4 min read

4 Major Benefits to Investing in Sunbelt Real Estate Markets

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Feb 24, 2021

As real estate investors, we know just how much location matters. Different markets provide a variety of benefits and added risks, from their climate to their local tax rates. Investing in real estate isn’t just about the individual properties themselves. Your real estate market matters. 

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3 min read

Are We on the Verge of Another Long-Term Housing Boom?

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Feb 17, 2021

History has demonstrated time and time again the valuable role real estate plays in the economy at-large. Unfortunately for us, the most recent example of real estate’s power in the economy was an anomaly — The Great Recession, as we know, was a devastating economic crash that was directly tied to the subprime mortgage crisis. It took decades for the economy and housing markets to recover in the aftermath.

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4 min read

The Pandemic Proved the Power of Residential Real Estate

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Feb 10, 2021

Over the past year, we’ve been fascinated and occasionally anxious as we’ve watched the real estate market. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United States last March and we saw the first wave of shut-downs, there was no telling what would happen in the real estate world.

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4 min read

Markets to Watch for Buy-and-Hold Investors in 2021

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Jan 27, 2021

While real estate looks to be in for a calmer year than the flurry of 2020, many markets are still riding the high-demand momentum of the last year. We’ve seen the market shift in major ways — accelerating trends that were present but are now undeniable.

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4 min read

What Will the Post-COVID Real Estate Market Look Like?

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Dec 16, 2020

As millions of COVID-19 vaccines are expected to be distributed this week, with many more to follow across the United States, it seems like the end is in sight for the coronavirus pandemic that thoroughly shook our social, economic, and wellbeing in 2020. Of course, access to vaccinations is our best line of defense in face of deadly illnesses. Historically, vaccines have all but eradicated notable diseases throughout history.

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